Expertise “essential” to smooth claims process

Expertise “essential” to smooth claims process | Insurance Business

Expertise “essential” to smooth claims process

In recent years, scores of insurers have sharpened their focus on the claims process with many investing heavily in technology to make the experience more efficient – however, one specialist firm says it takes more than top-of-the-line tech to keep customers happy.

Janelle Greene, general manager of operations and strategic delivery at NTI, says customers are also demanding a more human element – and the insurer is eager to meet expectations.

“NTI is a specialist insurer, so the number one thing we do is evolve and innovate to deliver better service value propositions to our clients,” says Greene.

In practical terms, this means NTI has a dedicated team of claims consultants who are trained in first response scenarios, can manage a claim from start to finish, and are available round the clock.

“That’s unusual in the insurance industry, but we see it as essential,” says Greene. “Our staff specialise in the unique challenges of transport and logistics, such as road rules, shipping regulations and other issues that customers face on a day-to-day basis.”

The transport specialist also has an internal recovery expert, along with an entire division dedicated to parts purchasing, settlements, emergency response and repair management which works alongside NTI’s claims teams.

“We can start working on recovery from the day the claim is lodged,” says Greene.

It’s an attitude that is embedded throughout the organisation, influencing the insurer’s hiring policies.

“We need staff who are experts in their fields, so we aim to hire employees who have either previously worked in T&L, or have qualifications in adjacent fields,” says Greene. “Having those capabilities in-house is an essential part of the way we operate.”

Of course, while the human element is invaluable, Green is quick to acknowledge the equally crucial role played by technology.

“The big advantage of technology is in delivering a more seamless customer experience,” she says. “It allows more personalisation, better connectivity and the ability to track the claim’s progress the way the claimant wants to.”