Far Out Friday: A really gouda deal

Far Out Friday: A really gouda deal | Insurance Business

Far Out Friday: A really gouda deal
Celebrities the world over make headlines for insuring their body parts, whether it’s David Beckham’s legs or Dolly Parton’s biggest assets, but one renowned cheese maker has just taken out a multi-million dollar policy on his most important possession – his nose.

Nigel Pooley, who works for cheese manufacturer Wyke Farm in the United Kingdom, has sniffed and tasted cheeses for the last 18 years and has just insured his prized schnoz for $9.8 million, The Daily Mirror reported.

The yearly premium of over $49,000 is nothing compared to the value of Pooley’s trained nose, according to a spokesperson for the company.

“As cheese is maturing it’s flavour hasn’t fully developed, so you can’t taste what it is going to be like in 12 months’ time,” the spokesperson told UK newspaper The Daily Mirror.

“Nigel’s nose can pick up flavours at one month old that will develop in up to 12 months’ time.

“Nigel’s nose gives him the unique ability to be a kind of cheesy fortune teller and that is why his nose is so incredibly valuable to Wyke farms.”

Pooley, who’s career in smells started at a British diary sniffing out tainted milk over fifty years ago, noted that he's always been blessed with a keen sense of smell and it is vital to the success of the company.

“I’ve always been picky about scents, good and bad,” Pooley said.

“I can make or break a cheese because it depends on my choice.

“I have to be confident it’s the correct one to ensure sales and tailor-make decisions for vital major customers.”

Despite his world-class nose, Pooley admitted that he isn’t the biggest cheese-eater when he leaves the office – after all, who wants to take work home with them?

“I don’t eat much cheese out of work because I consume so much in. I certainly don’t like pungent French cheese which smells strong but has little taste.”