Far Out Friday: Bum insurance? Not for Jennifer Lopez

She may have one of the most famous bums in the world, but is it insured for US$1 million? This star says no

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Jennifer Lopez has denied that she has arranged a US$1 million policy for her bum.

The much rumoured bum insurance policy was brought up by late-night talk show host, James Corden, during the Carpool Karaoke segment of his hit show The Late Late Show.

“This is something I’ve read, that I’m not sure is true or not, but did you insure your butt for US$1 million?” Corden asks the star in between sing-a-longs.

“No!” Lopez exclaims.

“No, there is no such thing as that.”

Lopez insurance knowledge is then brought to the fore with a reference to the Lloyd’s market in Corden’s English homeland.

“I think there is a place in your homeland, where you can insure certain things,” Lopez says to Corden.

“Parts of your body, seriously, I think that exists, I have heard that.”

Corden and Lopez then discuss the ins and outs of organising insurance for a famous derriere and some of the claims that could arise.

“It would be odd to insure your ass because if you’re a piano player you insure your hands, but you didn’t insure the butt?” Corden says.

“What are you doing with it? Is it in case you sit on something sharp?”

“In case something happens to it, it disappears, somebody steals it. What is the insurance for?” Lopez asks.

The myth-busted J. Lo insurance policy is just one rumoured celebrity insurance, with James Bond actor Daniel Craig reportedly insuring his chest for US$8 million, German super-model Heidi Klum taking out a US$2.2 million policy on her legs and ex-footballer David Beckham insuring his legs for a cool US$70 million back in 2006.

Judging from her debate with Corden, if J Lo were ever to consider insuring her assets, some clarification of what to insure it against would be needed.

Perhaps some top notch advice from a good broker would help her get to the bottom of it.


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