Far Out Friday: Deadliest country for Australians revealed

Far Out Friday: Deadliest country for Australians revealed

Far Out Friday: Deadliest country for Australians revealed Thailand is the deadliest country for Australians to visit, according to new research.

The South East Asian destination topped the list for the most hospitalisations and deaths for overseas travellers in the past year, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).
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In 2016-17, Australian consuls around the world dealt with 1,701 hospitalisations and 1,653 deaths the Consular State of Play 2016-17 report found.

Thailand topped the charts in both categories with 195 hospitalisations and 203 deaths, with Indonesia seeing 155 hospital visits, the United States 117 and New Caledonia 103.

Hospitalisation figures for Australians were up 2% on last year and a whopping 24% compared with five years ago, the study found. Overseas fatalities rose by 9% from the previous year, with most a result of illness or natural causes.

The Philippines ranked second, with 126 Australian fatalities while Indonesia ranked third on 107.

Thailand also topped the ranking in another category with the highest reported cases of missing persons, while the US was the destination with the most arrests and detentions for Australian visitors.

“Travellers need to choose the right insurance for their trip. Many travellers mistakenly believe their insurance provides appropriate cover,” Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said.

“Uninsured travellers who are hospitalised overseas or need medical evacuation can face crippling medical bills. Medicare and the Government will not cover those expenses.”

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