Far Out Friday: What does your desk say about you?

Far Out Friday: What does your desk say about you? | Insurance Business

Far Out Friday: What does your desk say about you?

Whether you make a point of turning your desk into a home away from home, or liberally spray it with special disinfectant more than once a week – showing the office cleaner how it should be done – your desk says a lot more about you than you might think.

An organized desk

People with organised desks tend to be more conscientious, meaning that they are reliable, task-oriented people who plan well and get their work done on time. "When I go into a space, I look for a calendar first," says Sam Gosling, psychologist and professor at the University of Texas at Austin. He also believes an up-to-date, used desk calendar is another sign of a conscientious person.

Messy desk

Having a messy desk isn't a bad thing. On the contrary, it means you are creative.

"Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights," says psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs.

But this comes with a warning from another expert, says Gosling. He says some people will judge others by their messy desk and assume that the occupant is disagreeable and inconsiderate.

Inspirational posters and messages

People who pepper their desks with inspirational statements are typically a bit more neurotic. "[Inspirational statements are] a psychological form of trying to keep people together [emotionally]," Gosling said. "It calms anxiety."

But inspirational messages aside, neurotic people are often highly successful in the workplace and the sayings they choose to display communicate their values to others.

Uncommon objects

People with original art or a diverse array of objects tend to be open to embracing new ideas or experiences and are often very creative.

Ad agencies or tech start-ups, tend to attract creative people and encourage their employees to showcase their personalities.

Family photos

Wedding photos and family snaps give the impression that you know how to handle complex relationships and responsibilities. It also suggests you’re level-headed. One or two photos on your desk is enough. Any more gives the impression that you would rather be at home than at work.


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