Flat-pack furniture giant enters insurance

Flat-pack furniture giant enters insurance | Insurance Business

Flat-pack furniture giant enters insurance
Perhaps it was only a matter of time before the flat-packing, self-assembly furniture innovators IKEA tried its hand at insurance.

The Swedish company, which has seven stores in Australia, has begun piloting child and pregnancy insurance in a few select Swedish stores. It plans to extend the offering to include home insurance products within weeks, according to the Wall Street Journal.

IKEA will take the offering abroad in due course.

IKEA Australia has stores in Perth, Adelaide, Richmond, Springvale, Tempe, Rhodes and Logan.

Could IKEA join Coles and Woolworths in tapping into Australia’s insurance market? Watch this space.
  • Just a Thought 2014-10-08 11:34:02 PM
    As a broker, its time for me to offer 20% off your groceries and furniture requiremernts and do you want fries with that or your lawns mowed ?
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  • Just An Observer 2014-10-09 4:52:05 AM
    Here we go again !! Hopefully regulators will make sure that all of their staff are qualified etc. and it is a truly Level playing field? Anybody checked if IKEA is on list of international companies who pay their share of tax in Australia. Or is this just going to be another way of them transferring profits overseas?
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