Former director of insurance company charged with dishonest conduct

Former director of insurance company charged with dishonest conduct | Insurance Business

Former director of insurance company charged with dishonest conduct
Barry David Hassell, of Athelstone, South Australia, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today after an ASIC investigation led to him being charged with more than 70 counts of dishonest conduct and 25 counts of failing to provide relevant documents to his clients.

Hassell was charged with:
  • 67 counts of providing ASIC with false or misleading information, including the provision of clients' files containing forged documents
  • 12 counts of engaging in dishonest conduct, including submission to insurers of applications for insurance that contained false information, and
  • 25 counts of failing to provide a disclosure document to his clients.

The charges relate to Hassell's conduct between 11 March 2002 and 13 December 2011, during his time as a director of B.D. & W.J. Hassell Pty Ltd and as a former authorised representative of a number of Australian financial services licensees.

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions is prosecuting the matter.

Hassell did not enter a plea. The matter returns to the Adelaide Magistrates Court on 13 May 2014.

In April 2012, Hassell offered to permanently refrain from providing financial services. ASIC accepted.
  • Julie 2015-05-14 5:18:08 AM
    One thing every insurance company will tell you when filling out a claim form is that you must be honest and accurate, you must supply as much information, descriptions, receipts and photos as possible on your schedule of loss to help in assessing your claim. If you are tempted to add unrelated items and be misleading on your claim form you could be investigated for fraud. What happens if it is the other way around and the Insurance Company adds unrelated items to your schedule of loss even sending you an email that states this. What if the Insurance Company removes your descriptions and what if the Insurance Company removes your photos then confirms that your claim form is completed on your behalf with over twenty five misleading errors and information not supplied by you. Is this Fraud by the Insurance Company?
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  • TD 2015-05-14 11:09:26 PM
    Julie, on the face of it, it sounds like it may be fraud by an employee of the insurer. If you have solid evidence - copies of what you submitted vs what has been sent back to you - lodge a complaint with the insurer. It will go to a representative designated to handle complaints. But be sure of your facts first.
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  • Julie 2015-05-17 1:40:29 AM
    TD Thank you for your reply and if I can further ask your advise regarding If an Insurance Company writes to you and confirms (ratify) that they have completed (accomplished) your claim contents schedule of loss would the Insurance Company be obligated to abide by the Confirmed & Completed schedule of loss? (Have solid evidence)
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