Former underwriter launches broker service

Former underwriter launches broker service

Former underwriter launches broker service

An international insurance business that provides support to brokers with local clients that have international exposures has officially launched, with a new office in Melbourne.

Robbie Mauldon has formalised the broker-support businesses he has been running for the past 10 years by naming it Insurance Without Borders, which officially came into existence on 1 May.

Mauldon, who held various management roles at Chubb, AIG and Zurich, lived and worked in Oceania, Asia and the USA, and has more than 40 years’ experience in insurance. He also founded three underwriting agencies: Booker International, Underwriting Solutions, and World Insurance Network

He moved back to Australia three years ago but for the past decade, he has been providing brokers, whose clients have exposures in Oceania, Asia and the US, with advice and assistance in finding a broker or insurer in those geographic regions.

 “Brokers are up to their eyeballs just keeping up with the regulatory and compliance changes. If their client operates in another jurisdiction then that is another set of regulatory requirements they have to deal with. Not all brokers know the regulatory or the competitive nature of some of these countries.

“Before I moved back to Australia, I was assisting brokers in these tasks anyway. I just had not given it a name.”

Mauldon has received a number of queries since launching. Most enquiries concern liability, aviation and property in the Oceanic region. “That is due to the energy boom,” he said.

The Melbourne-based business has one other staff member. Mauldon said he would consider employing more people if necessary.


  • Paul 7/05/2013 11:53:31 AM
    Great idea! I have had much experience dealing with clients whose head offices are in Australia but manufacture and trade overseas. Most mainstream insurers don't get it! Successful small and medium businesses are widening their horizons and realise 23M people can't sustain their ambitions. Insurers assume only the international brokers deal with clients who have expanded overseas. A small but highly regarded manufacturer says " Australia is great to have an office but the world market is our opportunity. he manufactures in Asia, sells to the world leveraging on an iconic Aussie name. However putting in place programmes to cover business interruption, products liability etc is very challenging as are the cross border issues. Every major insurer wants to chase business packs as do the aggregators. That market is limited and not expanding.Good luck to Robbie Mauldon. I'm sure his experience will even the playing field for local brokers assisting their clients to advance Australian businesses as they expand overseas.
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