Gallagher Bassett offers tips on implementing flexible working

Gallagher Bassett offers tips on implementing flexible working | Insurance Business

Gallagher Bassett offers tips on implementing flexible working

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing more insurance professionals to adjust to new working environments, claims management specialist Gallagher Bassett (GB) has offered some tips on how businesses can adapt to the “new normal” and transition their workforce to a flexible work schedule.

“Whether or not your company is pro remote work or not, chances are that many sectors will have to adapt to flexible working,” GB said in a blog. “Scientists forecast more pandemics on the horizon, and remote working is becoming the norm rather than the exception.”

According to GB, remote staffing comes with “a number of benefits” – including cost savings on office space and increases in productivity.

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The first thing businesses need to do to do, according to GB, is prepare a flexible work policy to determine what type of flexible working meets its needs.

“One of the most popular flexible working models is flexible hours,” said GB. “Here, employees choose which hours they come into work within a predetermined range. Usually, the employee must schedule in a certain number of hours minimum.

“Other flexible work policies allow employees to work remotely from home. This can be done with or without requirements on when work is done, and how much work is expected. Compressed work weeks, where employees typically take Fridays off, is another popular strategy. This is frequently known as the four-day work week.”

The next step, according to GB, is to establish communication guidelines and company culture policies.

“Without regular check-ins and communication guidelines, misunderstandings tend to take place,” said GB. “To avoid this, companies need to establish routines and best practices for communications. Protocols for any video meetings should also be established. The right application will need to be chosen, and guidelines put in place to ensure equal participation.”

Additionally, GB encourages businesses to implement proper training for their managers, leverage technology and take advantage of tracking tools, and invest in health and safety consultancy services.