Have your say: How can brokers improve their image?

Have your say: How can brokers improve their image? | Insurance Business

Have your say: How can brokers improve their image?
A recent survey ranked insurance brokers as one of the least trustworthy professions in Australia and we want your thoughts on how brokers can improve their image.

The latest Roy Morgan annual Image of Professions survey ranked insurance brokers at 27 of a possible 30 with only 11% of those surveyed regarding them as trustworthy.

Whether it is better use of social media or engagement and education within the community we want your thoughts on what brokers can do to improve their image with the wider Australian public.

Let us know in our latest poll and give us your suggestions in the comments below.
  • Poppy 2016-05-18 2:09:18 AM
    Brokers should know what their value proposition is - and if it is just to bring their client a cheap price then they are undervaluing their service so why would anyone else value them? They need to invest in themselves by improving their technical knowledge in insurance but also their broader knowledge. They need to know their clients business and industry - you need to talk their talk. Also take the time to have communication with your client during the year with information relevant to them. Show your client that you are not there for a cheap price but become a valued advisor to them.
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  • Rod 2016-05-18 7:14:52 AM
    Stop raiding trust accounts would be a good start! Clients must lose all respect for our industry when they are advised the premiums they paid did not reach the insurer and can they prove they have paid! ASIC, the Insurers (who are left holding the can) are going to start questioning our ethics and controls because of the actions of a few that give us all a bad name.
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  • Greg Walsh 2016-05-18 7:43:32 AM
    Accountants had an image problem some years ago. Accountants embraced the CPA ( Certified Practising Accountant ) programme & the accountancy industry image has increased substantially. The General Insurance Industry needs to consider a similar course of action. We have the resources in ANZIIF, Steadfast, Austbrokers, NIBA etc
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