Have your say: The best social media tools for brokers

Have your say: The best social media tools for brokers

Have your say: The best social media tools for brokers Many see social media as one of the key battlefronts between the industry and disruptors that may help shape the future of the industry.

We want to know which social media platform you think works best for brokers whether it be some of the more established names such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook or some more outside of the box opportunities.

If you don’t use social media, we want to hear from you too as we paint a picture of the online presence of the industry.

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  • Shane @ Trade Risk 18/11/2015 10:00:21 AM
    It depends so much on the type of brokerage; there is no single channel which is best for all. Whilst for most traditional brokerages it would probably be LinkedIn, for my business that's useless and Facebook is far more beneficial. It's all about being where your target market is.
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  • Tony 18/11/2015 10:27:35 AM
    I use Wechat which with many supprise features particular to form a client group which increase efficient to communicate with clients.
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  • John 18/11/2015 10:36:41 AM
    Social media is not a panacea for the current market ills. A scattergun approach isn't going to get you anywhere.

    Brokers need to identify their target clients & policy classes & then use the approriate social media to target them. They also need to think about their own processes to make sure that they can deliver this strategy.

    Facebook & Twitter will generate leads for domestic & SME businesses who use that media socially & to market themselves. If this is your target market this strategy will be useful.

    If your target market is large accounts you're unlikely to generate meaningful leads without supplementary strategies. You're also likely to attract the business above, which you may not want.

    If you are going to use these media, you need to interact with people on them. Just using these things as a shopfront, will be of limited use other than being free online real estate. If someone tweets you about a policy, chances are they're not going to be happy receiving documents in the mail.

    LinkedIn is an entirely different concept. It is a professional network & will lead to professional connections with people in management positions at other companies.

    For reference, I'm a millenial apparently. I started using Facebook in 2006 & stopped in 2012, I used Twitter between 2010 & 2012. Many of my friends & young colleagues have done likewise.
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