Have your say: The NIBA/ANZIIF education deal

Have your say: The NIBA/ANZIIF education deal

Have your say: The NIBA/ANZIIF education deal With the ink dry on the education deal between NIBA and ANZIIF we want your thoughts on what you hope will result from the new partnership.

The deal between the two industry powerhouses will see ANZIIF take on the baton of broker education as NIBA’s preferred supplier of education following the landmark announcement last week.

Is this a good thing for broker education? Will the deal  lead to more quality in the education space?
Let us know in our latest Insurance Business poll.
  • Brendan 25/11/2015 10:02:44 AM
    IMO less competition in anything consumer related is detrimental to said consumer as a monopoly will be formed which typically leads to a like it or lump it attitude. Which reminds me, why was a diploma in insurance broking something like $2,500 through NIBA but through a lesser known competitor it was less than a $1,000? the exact same accreditation. Good times everyone, good times.
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  • Concerned broker 25/11/2015 11:04:20 AM
    The pass mark with Anziif, the cost, having to pay membership costs on top of the training costs in order to get your points,lack of competition, the list of negatives goes on and on
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  • Terry Mills 25/11/2015 11:55:42 AM
    The ANZIIF have an established education model with the qualifications recognised throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

    I think it was a mistake for NIBA to go it alone as they have never achieved the necessary professional recognition within the industry or in the general community.

    Apart from the benchmark Chartered Insurance Institute (UK) which ANZIIF had the opportunity of merging with some years ago, the ANZIIF is the standard by which insurance professionals are recognised.
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