HDI Global Specialty announces takeoff of "Aviation IQ" in Australia

HDI Global Specialty announces takeoff of "Aviation IQ" in Australia | Insurance Business

HDI Global Specialty announces takeoff of "Aviation IQ" in Australia

New insurance platform “Aviation IQ” is now available in the Australian market.

Developed by HDI Global Specialty SE in partnership with Precision Autonomy, the platform was designed to deliver general aviation policies to brokers “in minutes”. It is initially available only in Australia, but an international rollout across all of the insurer’s aviation teams is expected.

“Aviation IQ is a bespoke full insurance lifecycle platform for general aviation policies,” noted Jamie Bowes, aviation head at HDI Global Specialty SE – Australia. “The aviation market has lacked disruption and innovation; this seeks to considerably change that.

“We are now able to provide a much faster response to brokers, more flexibility in terms of product offering, pricing, and usability, and thus streamlining the traditional method of placement and management of aviation insurance policies.”

The collaboration with Precision Autonomy isn’t a first for the specialty lines insurer, as the duo’s partnership began in January via their commercial drone insurance offering in Australia. 

Commenting on the launch of Aviation IQ, Precision Autonomy chief executive and co-founder Mark Halverson said: “We are delighted to be extending our relationship with the Australian team at HDI Global Specialty.

“The partnership is already delivering a much enhanced experience for their brokers; I’m looking forward to demonstrating our ability to take this to the next level.”