Heineken backs risky marketing campaign with insurance

Heineken backs risky marketing campaign with insurance | Insurance Business

Heineken backs risky marketing campaign with insurance
A company which recently launched its first low carb beer in Australia has taken out insurance in case it receives an overwhelming response to its money back guarantee campaign.
Heineken is offering its consumers a money back guarantee if they don’t like the taste of its new beer from January 23 to March 04, as part of its new product’s $6 million marketing campaign, Mumbrella reported.
Nada Steel, marketing manager for Heineken Lion, denied the campaign was due to the beer’s poor sales since its August launch.
“Not at all. In fact, Heineken 3 has surpassed our forecast and targets for launch from both a sales and brand health perspective,” Steel told Mumbrella.
“It is already claiming 22% of the IP mid segment, while MQT November places Heineken 3 penetration, consumed over the last four weeks, at 2.2 times the size of Peroni Leggera.
“In addition to this, the feedback we have received in our post communications research has confirmed that consumers think the product really is great tasting.”
Commenting about the campaign’s insurance cover, Steel said: “Like any big promotion that carries risk, we have taken out insurance to minimise the liability for our broader business.”
Those who buy a six or 12 pack of three may avail of a complete refund to their bank account by visiting www.haveitall.beer and explaining, using 15 words or more, why they did not like the new beer.
Steel said the promotion was part of the overall plan for the brand and was developed for a considerable time.
“A huge amount of effort goes into planning a large campaign like this, reflected by the fact that it has been in the planning for over 18 months,” she told Mumbrella.
“The Money Back Guarantee campaign is one way that we are bringing our 12-month sampling campaign to life, as we know that when consumers try Heineken 3, they love the taste and repeat purchase intent is high.”