How much does it cost to run your car?

How much does it cost to run your car? | Insurance Business

How much does it cost to run your car?

If you’re looking for a car you can run on the cheap, you had better consider a Mitsubishi Mirage. Valued at less than $20,000, the 3 cylinder Mitsubishi Mirage costs just $93.29 a week to run.

This is a far cry from the $1,1550 per week it costs to operate the most expensive car  – Mercedes Benz, according to NRMA.

The insurance company has launched a 2013 Running Costs Calculator, which determines how much it costs to keep a car on the road, taking into account the negotiated vehicle price, depreciation, opportunity interest, registration, comprehensive insurance, NRMA membership, maintenance and repairs, and fuels.

It also lists the top 10 cheapest cars to operate according to category, based on value and type. It found the second cheapest car to run is the Holden Barina Spark  CD 4 4cyl 1.2L 5sp manual few hatchback at $96.95 per week; followed by the Suzuki Alto GL 3 cyl 1L 5 sp manual fwd 5d hatchback also at $95.96.

Of the top 10 cheapest cars, all the vehicles were different versions of Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Holden Barina models and all under $20,000.

However, NRMA Motoring & Services motoring research engineer David Carr said that looks could be deceiving when comparing models in the same class.

 “The gaps between the cheapest and most expensive vehicles widen even further in some classes so it is important that families do their homework before buying a new vehicle,” he said.

To find how much it costs to run your car visit NRMA’s cost calculator and for a full breakdown of vehicles surveyed, click here.