IAG announces industry first accreditation scheme

IAG announces industry first accreditation scheme | Insurance Business

IAG announces industry first accreditation scheme
IAG has announced a new, industry first initiative designed to allow its motor partner repairers to attain the highest ranking accreditation.

The I-CAR Class Repairer accreditation is seen as the benchmark in training standards for the collision repair industry, and the insurer’s new ‘Road to Gold’ certification will aim to keep repairers up to date through practical training over a 12- to 18 month period.

The scheme, the first of its kind in Australia, comes after IAG became the only insurer in the country to achieve Gold Class insurer status from industry-based not-for-profit I-CAR.

Steve Bubulj, head of national supply chain for IAG, said that the move was a natural next step to ensure that standards remain high.

“The initiative is driven by our shared commitment to repair our customers’ vehicles under an innovative and up to date program,” Bubulj said.

Repairers will be educated on new technology and hands-on training courses to ensure that all technicians have the knowledge and skill to perform a complete repair that will benefit customers.

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