icare picks Gallagher Bassett as claims service provider

icare picks Gallagher Bassett as claims service provider | Insurance Business Australia

icare picks Gallagher Bassett as claims service provider

Insurance and Care NSW (icare) has named Gallagher Bassett (GB), global provider of risk and claims management services, one of its partners to provide claims management services for the NSW Nominal Insurer workers’ compensation scheme.

As a claims service provider (CSP) for icare, GB will manage a percentage of workers’ compensation claims from more than 300,000 private employers protected by the NSW Nominal Insurer scheme to provide better outcomes for injured workers and their employers. It will also appoint staff to several roles in NSW, including claims management personnel and key leadership positions.

The partnership, subject to contract execution, will see GB establish a new business unit led by GB chief operating officer (COO) Lionel Charmetant and general manager for NSW workers’ compensation Craig Newton.

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Commenting on the new business unit, GB Australia CEO Pete Nicholson (pictured) said: “Our leadership team for NSW have over 50 years’ collective experience in establishing and leading large workers’ compensation operations in Australia. I am confident Craig and his team will deliver exceptional service and achieve superior outcomes on behalf of icare and the NSW community.”

The deal also expands GB’s footprint as a leading provider for workers’ compensation claims across Australia, building on its existing Victorian, South Australian, and Northern Territory operations and a national presence in self-insurance.

“GB’s talent and depth of experience in personal injury claims management, both nationally and internationally, makes us well suited to partner with icare to provide simpler, better care for injured workers and improved support for employers,” Nicholson said. “The new model will simplify processes to reduce administrative burden and better support superior outcomes for injured workers and employers while building capability in the scheme.”