Industry body ANZIIF tackles talent problem head on

Industry body ANZIIF tackles talent problem head on | Insurance Business

Industry body ANZIIF tackles talent problem head on
 ‘Go anywhere. Do anything.’ That is the new theme being pushed to gen Y and gen Z’ers in order to put a career in insurance on their radar and stem the growing talent shortage.

The Careers in Insurance initiative was launched this week by the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) and aims to highlight the huge potential available to young people by choosing insurance as a career.

Meg Brideson, general manager – marketing & insights at ANZIIF, said the initiative developed following extensive research in 2014 on the attraction and retention of under-35s in the industry.

In the survey, 77.1% of insurance professionals under-35 said that the industry was either invisible or had minimal visibility as a career option prior to joining – and ANZIIF says Careers in Insurance is designed to address that head on.

“In 2014, our research showed that 94% of insurance businesses struggled to find talent,” Brideson said.

“Attracting and retaining quality talent is the key to our industry’s success and it is crucial to ensuring that we have the workforce we need in the years to come.

“Bringing young people into the industry is also integral to establishing the diverse workplaces insurance needs to address the challenges and harness the opportunities of the future.”

Brideson said it was crucial that the industry worked together on the issue.

“No business can single-handedly achieve what this initiative sets out to – to transform us from being an industry that people fall into to one that people seek out.

“This is an objective that requires us to work together, and it is a true privilege that as an industry we are getting out into the community to do just that.”

The initiative starts with a website launch, which is designed to appeal to a younger audience, and offers support to young people to explore the diverse career paths the industry has to offer.

It also offers a CV repository and job board to link students and job seekers with potential employers.

Then next month, Careers in Insurance will move into universities and schools through careers expos, providing an opportunity for students to meet insurance professionals from all sectors of the industry.

The initiative will also undertake coordinated communications activities spanning social media, advertising, and media relations as well as school, university and TAFE (technical and further education) channels.

The industry is invited to promote Careers in Insurance by linking to the website.
  • Phil - WA 2016-02-29 2:47:33 AM
    Great to see. This has been an ongoing problem for as long as I can remember - making our industry attractive enough, challenging enough and satisfying enough to bring in fresh and young talent who will look at this industry as a career. I have always believed that I am in one of the most important industries and have always held the contention that I am in an industry that rebuilds lives, communities and keeps the economy growing and going because without insurance, unfortunate events would bring things to a dead stop. It is about economic continuity planning and contingencies as I have always referred to insurance - a lot more attractive than saying 'I'm in insurance'. After over four decades I still love it but the challenge going forward is attracting new talent while us 'baby boomers' get ready to leave the industry and create a vacuum. There has never been a more important time to do this than right now!
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  • Ben Attenborough 2016-02-29 6:01:51 AM
    Great comments from Phil above and the Careers website really shows the importance of Insurance. It will be interesting to see how students will approach the topic at the expos over the coming weeks. I note from personal experience that attitudes towards insurance vary significantly looking through the generations and demographics of purchasers. This is mainly influenced by increased commoditizing over the years, more insurable risks and many more insurers. I am looking forward to talking to students to engage their thoughts on insurance and explain to them that it so much more than how it is percepted. There is a whole new workforce out there that is in the same surroundings as the future purchasers of insurance, its really important the people that could contribute to the industry in the future are aware of possibilities in insurance so that they can give it some consideration as a career.
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