Influence of El Niño still felt

Influence of El Niño still felt | Insurance Business

Influence of El Niño still felt
The influence of El Niño is still being felt across the world as the weather system continues to weaken, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has said.

Whilst the 2015-16 El Niño is now at “moderate levels, and is likely to end in the second quarter of 2016,” the system will continue to influence the global climate.

“Although the 201516 El Niño is weakening, it will continue to influence global climate during the southern hemisphere autumn,” the BOM said in a statement.

“In Australia, the breakdown of strong El Niño events has historically brought average to above-average rainfall to many locations. However, northern Australia typically sees less rainfall than usual.”

The BOM also noted that record temperatures in the Indian Ocean are also having an impact on Australian weather and could provide some much needed rain for parts of the country.

“Australia’s climate is also being influenced by record-warm temperatures in the Indian Ocean. The warmth in the Indian Ocean may provide extra moisture for rain systems as they cross Australia during the southern autumn,” the statement continued.

With El Niño on the wane, the BOM stressed that the outlook for the future remains neutral before a La Nina can take shape which traditionally bring wetter conditions across the country

“History and model outlooks indicate that neutral conditions are slightly favoured ahead of La Niña for the second half of 2016,” the statement said.

“Short term fluctuations in the various El Niño indicators will continue, particularly during the southern tropical cyclone season.”