Institute launches ‘actuaries are rock stars’ campaign

Institute launches ‘actuaries are rock stars’ campaign | Insurance Business

Institute launches ‘actuaries are rock stars’ campaign
They may not trash hotel rooms or go on three-day benders, but actuaries are every bit a rock star as Motorhead’s Lemmy and Aussie rockers AC/DC.

The Actuaries Institute has launched a print and digital advertising campaign promoting the role of actuaries in a challenging business world, stating they are actually rock stars.

Developed by OgilvyOne, each advertisement carries a tagline that: “The world isn’t black and white but business decisions are. When you need clarity in a complex world, you need an actuary.”

One ad, citing the Harvard Business Review, notes that actuaries are in fact the “rock stars” of the 21st century who provide deep analytical insights that can be “used to change businesses, industries and even countries”.

The Institute’s CEO, David Bell said: “Business leaders are inundated by information and they need skilled people who can transform data beyond the numbers into actionable business knowledge.”

“Actuaries more than any other profession have the training and skills to find solutions to some of Australia’s largest business challenges,” he said.

“By considering all inputs, weighing up the options, actuaries can provide the clarity for business leaders in deciding the best course of action.

“This campaign will show that actuaries can use their skills across all sectors, not just insurance and finance,” Bell said.

The campaign runs throughout April and also during the final quarter of 2014.
  • Joe Johnson 2014-04-23 11:44:17 AM
    Are these the same actuaries that have placed the Life Insurance Industry on the brink after massive losses due to poor pricing and govenrnance? In my experience Actuaries are quick to assume senior roles and senior salaries but take no responsibilioty when it all goes wrong, which it has. Rock Stars???? Maybe one hit wonders...
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  • Sharanjit Paddam 2014-05-21 1:38:01 AM
    Rockstars aside, I welcome this initiative from the Actuaries Institute. Actuaries are unique, their mathematical rigour combined with commercial acumen, enables them to turn complex data into business-changing knowledge. Businesses today have data coming out of their ears and actuaries can distil this data and provide the clarity required to decide the best course of action. This campaign will inform business that actuaries have the training and skills to find solutions to some of Australia’s biggest business challenges.
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