Insurance comparison site launches motor offering

Insurance comparison site launches motor offering | Insurance Business

Insurance comparison site launches motor offering
Burgeoning insurance aggregator has launched a car insurance comparison offering.

The aggregator, which launched in December, has teamed up with Auto & General to add four new car insurance brands to its panel of providers – Budget Direct, 1st for Women, 1Cover and Virgin Money.

The aggregator is actively looking for more car insurance companies to add to the list and already offers travel, income and life insurance comparisons. Customers are able to compare insurers ratings on home, bike, landlord, pet, caravan and health insurance.

Customers are asked to review the insurers they do business with and provide a rating out of 10 for customer experience, value for money and claims experience (if applicable).  The overall score provided by customers is included alongside quote results to assist them in choosing a provider.

Natalie Ball, director, said: “We aim to not only save time and money for customers, but provide peace of mind that they are well informed to choose the right insurance policy.”

Ken Bryan, head of insurance at backed the aggregator's model: “Comparisons have proven to be a worthwhile channel for Virgin Money and we are delighted to be on board with We are confident that our great prices, excellent customer service and brand reputation will stand out against the competition.”
  • Matthew Denehy 2014-08-04 4:43:24 AM
    Hang on!.......are they looking to add more insurance BRANDS or more insurance COMPANIES as if they keep going they'll be as good as their competing comparison site where 1 insurance company was dominate therefore not really being a comparison but a coercer for the consumer. Still not sure why the ACCC haven't looked into this as misleading the consumer.
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  • Saffy Power 2014-08-04 8:04:16 AM
    Why wouldn't they look to add both more insurance BRANDS and COMPANIES!? If you take the time to listen to customers rather than industry non-sense you would know that we like researching and buying insurance online. I for one always use a comparison. I may visit a couple of extra insurers not shown in the results but using a comparison can save a lot of time and effort. From what I understand iSelect, Comparthemarket and Compare insurance are all open to listing other insurance companies. The big companies don't like to be compared and want to keep consumers in the dark. "Lucky your with AAMI" until you make a claim was my experience. I'm glad I had the chance to share my review.
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  • Matthew Denehy 2014-08-05 12:34:27 AM
    My concern isn't so much that comparator sites exist, simply that one comparator site has 8 brands underwritten by 1 insurer and a 2nd insurer who more handles prestige motor which means that the consumer is simply getting a comparison of 1 insurer as most mums & dads don't own Ferrari's. I think this is not in the spirit of comparison. If they were true to the process of comparison they would ensure that they have 9 separate insurers as this is the only way to demonstrate a true comparison. You then have to question who owns the comparison website and is it just a portal to 1 insurer simply to act and look like a comparison but truly just a collector. If you really want to get the other insurers to play in this space then the comparison really needs to go further than premium as no one is comparing policy benefits against premiums.
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