Insurance professional to launch novel online broker hub

Insurance professional to launch novel online broker hub | Insurance Business

Insurance professional to launch novel online broker hub
Broker champion Kate Fairley is to launch a new online hub which will teach brokers how to effectively use social media, exhibit at local community events, and improve their marketing capabilities.

Fairley is working with a host of business professionals to deliver on the three areas – social media, speaking and exhibiting, and marketing, with a plan for the new hub to go live during the NIBA confererence in Adelaide next month.

Five social media experts will contribute to an e-book on social media, which will be available on the site, while more professionals will work with Fairley on delivering resources to help brokers with exhibiting at trade shows and other community events.

The site’s marketing section will consist of resources already supplied by Get Informed as well as the services of a copywriter who can be hired to help brokers with marketing and branding advertisements. It will also emphasise to brokers the importance of using existing business partner relationships to market the role of a broker and using Get Informed material to do so.

“Much of last year we saw a push in brokers being told that they need to be more involved in their communities and social media but little assistance has been provided to brokers to do this. The Get Informed Hub is there to fill the gap,” Fairley told Insurance Business.

In addition, Fairley has recently launched two consumer-facing insurance tips websites – and, and is releasing two more websites on car insurance and business insurance in the next month.

“It’s another way to provide information for the consumer. They want to do their own research and make informed decisions but it’s difficult to do that when everyone seems to have a sales agenda.”

The websites will be marketed using search engine optimisation as well as through brokers.