Insure 247: 6th Top Brokerage of 2014

Insure 247: 6th Top Brokerage of 2014 | Insurance Business

Insure 247: 6th Top Brokerage of 2014
Insure 247

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What’s your reaction to making the Top 10 Brokerages list in 2014?
The Insure 247 team are excited to make the Top 10 Brokerages list. We knew what we are doing here is unique, but to understand where we fit into the industry is a great motivator.
What’s been the highlight of the last year for your business?
Adding so many new clients this year has been a highlight. Also, when we received recognition from our licensee Ausure as a finalist for the group’s fastest growing branch award (in what is a fast-growing group overall) we were also extremely satisfied.
Are there any metrics you are particularly proud of, and how did you achieve them?
Starting day one without a single customer, we decided that our growth should come through the internet, not a book purchase. This has been validated by the growth in our client list.
What would you say was your biggest challenge in the last year?
Getting insurers to understand consumer expectations in the internet age. Consumers want access to multiple insurers in one place ‘now’. Steadfast SVU has been a game changer for our model.
Where do you think growth opportunities lie for brokers in the years ahead?
Brokers need to educate, empathise with and engage the client, providing comparisons with the direct insurers that will result in new clients for the brokers.