Insurer announces new products, education forums

Insurer announces new products, education forums | Insurance Business Australia

Insurer announces new products, education forums
Ansvar has announced two refreshed products that will be unveiled at its latest series of educational forums.

The company will launch the refreshed industrial special risks and personal accident at the forums which are entitled Emerging Trends in – Care, Community, Not for Profit and Other Sectors.

The nation-wide forums will feature expert analysis designed to help brokers and clients stay up-to-date on the constantly changing landscape of the not for profit sector.

Warren Hutcheon, CEO of Ansvar Insurance, said that the latest forums follow a successful stint earlier this year and will help keep brokers informed.

“From evolving laws and regulations to updated best practice in risk mitigation, the needs of clients who operate in these sectors are always undergoing change and the forums are an essential platform for brokers who service these clients to ensure they are offering the most robust and informed solutions,” Hutcheon said.

The product refresh will see the industrial special risks product include an 80% co-insurance clause as standard and will allow for deletion of this clause if there is a property valuation not more than three years old.

A market-leading schedule of insurance for flood is also included in the refreshed policy which has been fully endorsed by LMI Group.

The personal accident policy will also include an all-inclusive policy for volunteers and students, children and members of the insured organisation.

High risk activities can also be included in the refreshed policy which Ansvar call “ideal for schools or community groups that engage in adventurous activities and wish to offer their members cover in the event of an injury.”

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