Insurer downplays Aussie job cuts

Insurer downplays Aussie job cuts | Insurance Business

Insurer downplays Aussie job cuts

QBE has reaffirmed its commitment to shedding as few Australian job cuts as possible as it progresses with its operational transformational program.

The insurer last month said that as of mid-June 39 redundancies had been made, with the majority of the 521 affected staff either accepting voluntary redundancy, being redeployed or leaving through natural turnover.

QBE Group CEO John Neal yesterday would not say if there are more job cuts to come, instead he said: “Wherever we can, we are looking to redeploy staff, retrain them and put them into different roles. We have reasonably high turnover rates of our workforce, roughly close to 20%, so our intention with the offshoring initiative has been to manage the offshoring of jobs the best we can through the redeployment of work and the natural rate of turnover.

“In terms of pure retrenchment or redundancy, the numbers are very low because our redeployment program has been very successful to date.”

The group yesterday reported a fall in net profit of 37% to US$477m, and explained that premium rates in Australia would increase by 4% to 5% during the remainder of 2013 – in line with inflation but in addition to the 6.7% increase that occurred in 1H.

QBE Australian and New Zealand operations CEO Colin Fagen said the division's  home, motor and SME businesses had delivered the largest rate increases but he added: “We have a fairly wide product and distribution range so there is no one particular area delivering it at this point in time.”

Neal admitted he had been somewhat disappointed with the results. “We are disappointed in what we are [sending] out today [but] what we have achieved is very much in line with what our expectations.

“Today’s presentation is what we were saying all year long. I have been pretty clear that 2013 is a year of transition for QBE.”

  • Mishell Currie 2013-08-21 12:46:17 AM
    As a claims manager I have already noticed an immediate & negative impact the "offshoring of jobs" has had on the previous excellent service I have experienced. Whilst appreciating that "Transformation" (i.e cost cutting) measures may have been necessary, such ruthless action with further redundancies, redeployments, advice on rate increases and falls in profit advice, can only have continued negative impacts on Broker's confidence that we will have good service and competitive products to take to our markets. Mishell Currie - Claims & Client Liaison Manager - I&S Insurance Broking Group
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  • Bruce 2013-08-21 1:42:39 AM
    Michelle they just don't care. The days of Australian corporates having a social conscience have long gone. The driver for these guys is getting the share price up so their options and shares make them rich.
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  • Disgruntled customer 2013-08-21 2:20:05 AM
    They have extremely poor service when it comes to claims management - have been chasing them for more than 15 months and they keep coming up with lame excuses and delay tactics all the choice left but to take them to court....and from what I hear, not alone in experiencing this.
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