Insurer drops industry supplier giant

Insurer drops industry supplier giant | Insurance Business

Insurer drops industry supplier giant
QBE will no longer count Cerno Loss Adjusting Services as one of its panel of loss adjusters after 22 February.
The insurer revealed this week that it will be disengaging from Cerno following a review of external loss adjusting services. While agents and brokers can may elect to appoint Cerno to new claims for now, QBE will not permit further new appointments to Cerno after 22 February.
A QBE spokesperson told Insurance Business that the move was part of QBE’s drive to drive better claims outcomes.
“Following a recent review of our external loss adjusting services we have made the decision to end our arrangement with Cerno,” said the spokesperson. “The decision to rationalise our panel was made as part of our ongoing commitment to drive better claims outcomes and enhance our customer experience.
“We are always looking for ways to drive better claims outcomes for our customers, which includes continually reviewing our suppliers and partners.”

  • Alex Damon 2014-02-17 11:18:53 AM
    Part of the drive for "better claims outcomes" being to process them in The Phillippines of course.
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