Insurer helps devastated policyholders make green start

Insurer helps devastated policyholders make green start | Insurance Business

Insurer helps devastated policyholders make green start

When clients lose their homes, they often go through the arduous task of making a claim on like-for-like items but what if they had the option of replacing old products with new energy efficient green products?

What if, rather than replacing their single-pane bay windows they install double-glazed windows or cold floorboards with certified sustainable flooring products?

This is what one insurer is doing and it’s an idea that could catch on over here, too.

Aviva Canada has launched Green Assure – a concept, that for $25 per year, gives the policyholder an extra $25,000 additional coverage (with the option of $50 for $50,000 more). With that extra coverage, replacement options can include high efficiency furnaces, HVAC systems, insulation, windows and doors, or the option of zero volatile organic compound paint or certified sustainable flooring products.

“Many of our brokers and customers have expressed interest in environmentally-friendly replacement options,” said James Russell, chief underwriting officer for Aviva Canada. “Our global commitment to sustainability, includes minimizing our own environmental impact and encouraging others such as our vendor partners to do the same."