Insurer launches online member portal

Insurer launches online member portal | Insurance Business

Insurer launches online member portal

Workers compensation insurer Employers Mutual has launched a new online member portal, Empower for its South Australian members.

It is designed to help employers enjoy an increased level of self-sufficiency, allowing members to lodge injury notifications, view policy and claims summary data, and access claims reporting in real time.

This comes not long after the insurer revealed it had won a contract to handle all Woolworths’ workers compensation claims, which were previously handled internally. As part of the deal, some WOWCare staff will join Employers Mutual while the rest will be redeployed elsewhere within the retailer.

The new online member portal EMpower provides access to a range of online member benefit tools and services, including EMlearning which provides a range of free online workplace risk courses; and EMsafe, a free online work health and safety management system to help members improve workplace safety and meet legislative requirements. EMsafe is also available as an app.

“Just as with the evolution of online banking, employers want more access, instantly. EMpower does more than just transition administrative procedures online. It provides employer members with access to tools that will make a real difference to their workplace,” said Employers Mutual South Australian general manager Declan Collins.

 “EMpower is an industry first for South Australia and will be a new benchmark in online support.” said Employers Mutual CEO Mark Coyne. “With EMpower, we are able to provide our employer members with an impressive library of tools and services, and a new level of access to vital claims data employers need to make informed decisions when it comes to their workers compensation. Together, these new offerings will ensure employers receive fast and effective responses, every time.

“Employers Mutual’s vision is to help people get their lives back,” added Coyne. “EMpower is a strong example of our commitment to delivering innovative tools and support back to our employer members; not just for the benefit to their business, but also for the benefit of injured employees.”

Commenting on the November 30 deadline for South Australian employers to nominate their preferred agent, Collins said: “Now is a crucial time for South Australian businesses. They need to take stock of their immediate workers compensation needs, and consider the needs they may face in both the short and long term, as they have up until November 30 to make the choice to switch their workers compensation to Employers Mutual.”