Insurer simplifies claims processes

Insurer simplifies claims processes | Insurance Business

Insurer simplifies claims processes
Vero has responded to the recent weather events by implementing measures to make the claims process easier for customers and brokers.

Bulk lodgement of claims is now available and brokers have authority to accept claims up to $7,000 in value for customers affected by these events. This authority will apply to commercial property and home insurance policies.

“The success of these measures earlier this year has led Vero to extend the $7,000 authority to include commercial property claims as well as home,” said Matt Pearson, executive general manager commercial claims with Suncorp Commercial Insurance.

“The volume of claims these weather events are generating means it’s a busy period for brokers, so anything that saves time and gets the repair process underway quickly is worth implementing.

“With more storms forecast, Vero’s intention is to have these options available to brokers for any extreme weather that hits over the coming days.”

Bulk lodgement of multiple claims can be done using a simple spreadsheet Vero has made available through a broker portal – VeroCentral.

“Vero’s focus is to make the process as simple and efficient as possible for everyone involved, so that complex claims can be given the attention they deserve,” said Pearson.

“Urgent claims and customers with special needs will be prioritised, so in those cases it’s preferable that lodgement be done over the phone.”

These initiatives are being supported by ‘Vero's one touch’ process that allows many low-value claims to be finalised within one phone call.