Insurer’s chief general manager to retire

Insurer’s chief general manager to retire | Insurance Business

Insurer’s chief general manager to retire
Allianz’s chief general manager of sales and distribution Jonathan  Poole will retire 31 December after 14 years with the insurer.

Poole was originally hired to develop the organisation’s e-business capabilities but his role quickly expanded to assume responsibility for the financial institutions division and ultimately sales and distribution activities for the company.

Commenting on Poole’s intention to retire, managing director, Niran Peiris, said: “Jonathan has made a significant contribution to the success of the Allianz business.”

“Jonathan’s professionalism, drive and deep understanding of the complexities of the insurance business is widely recognised and respected across the insurance industry.”

“I want to thank Jonathan for the strong business outcomes he has consistently delivered over the years, particularly for the sales and distribution capability and culture he has crafted with the support of his team,” Peiris added.
  • Chris Grice 2014-03-21 7:11:48 AM
    Great operator and very much a leader. He was there at the start when Allianz took over HIH and was the architect of creating a sales culture for the organisation through the principals of strategic selling. I'm sure he will be missed by his colleagues in the Allianz leadership team as will the rest of the staff.
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