Insurers should not leave clients in the dark, says intermediary boss

Insurers should not leave clients in the dark, says intermediary boss | Insurance Business

Insurers should not leave clients in the dark, says intermediary boss
The claims process would be much smoother if insurers maintained communication with the broker so the customer can rely on brokers for up-to-date answers.

This warning comes from Peter Marer, Insurance House’s national manager commercial development, who will present to Vero staff today (19th August) in Brisbane on his experiences in the industry and provide insights into the daily operations of an insurance broker.

This is part of Vero’s national program aimed at helping its commercial claims team better understand the perspectives of brokers and therefore improve claims services. Vero Distribution and Commercial Portfolio staff will also attend the presentation.

Marer told Insurance Business a common pitfall among insurers’ claims teams is communication: “Insurers need to ensure that the client is not asking their broker questions on where the claim is at.”

He spoke of issues with insurers appointing assessors and not having regular contact with the assessor until there is a problem or a client requests an update.

Issues can also crop up when early discussions about policy coverage, initial problems or misunderstandings do not take place.
Marer said there should be “excellent communication” on the progress of a claim from start to finish.

“It’s essential to allow the client to have a feeling of comfort that the claim is progressing and that they have an understanding of the process,  the use of technology – i.e. real time updates available for viewing by the client or the brokers – would assist.

Marer said brokers could also work on their relationships with key insurance staff. He urged them to develop relationships with the important claims personnel as well business development managers and underwriters and realise that collectively they “deliver a promise to restore a client’s life to its natural order with the least inconvenience and for them to be treated with respect and empathy”.

Suncorp Commercial Insurance Matt Pearson, executive general manager of commercial claims, echoed Marer’s thoughts, stating that “solid working relationships with brokers are an essential ingredient in delivering a market-leading claims experience”.
He added: “By giving our people greater awareness and understanding of the everyday challenges faced by brokers, Vero will be better equipped to further improve the way we manage claims.”

Vero will hold more events across Australia in the coming months.