Is it time for a futuristic office makeover?

Is it time for a futuristic office makeover? | Insurance Business

Is it time for a futuristic office makeover?

Employees are more productive, better engaged and more confident working in modern, “futuristic” office spaces instead of traditional workplaces, research has found.

Offices that give employees flexible work arrangements and the option of working in an environment that suits the individual, such as a ‘café’ setting or a lounge, are a big morale boost, according to corporate health management organisation Injury Treatment.

Rising rental costs are forcing businesses to downsize their work spaces but this could be the ideal opportunity to upgrade one’s office and boost employee productivity. Open plan offices complete with multiple connectivity points offer employees digital connectivity and freedom, ensuring maximum performance.

“As a result of these new offices, we are seeing an emergence of a new generation of corporate culture that focuses on team outcomes over hierarchy or individual achievement,” said physiotherapist and Injury Treatment managing director Jeremy Keane. “This has a positive impact on the office atmosphere, increases leader access, clears internal communication channels and promotes equity, giving a platform to a more innovative, responsive and flexible workforce.”

Some fast-moving businesses have already given their offices a futuristic makeover in Sydney’s CBD. Real estate agent CBRE’s Sydney office features open plan spaces, lounge areas, conferencing pods and traditional private desks, allowing employees to move and work from whichever space they feel most comfortable.

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