Is multi-tasking bad for business?

Is multi-tasking bad for business? | Insurance Business

 Is multi-tasking bad for business?
Elite brokers pride themselves on efficiency, and part of efficiency is being able to tackle multiple jobs at once... right?

Wrong, say researchers.

According to the latest research, multitasking may give you a personal sense of satisfaction, but it will also lower your productivity and mental ability, while at the same time making you more prone to distractions.

A study by Stanford University researchers found those who regularly consume multiple media simultaneously approach information-processing tasks differently to other people – perhaps to their detriment.

Frequent multi-taskers were found to struggle with filtering out irrelevant information when attempting to focus on a task and were more easily distracted and confused.

And if you’re a regular multitasker, it’s unlikely you’ll be giving up the vice in the near future, with further studies by Ohio State University finding that multi-tasking is not only unproductive, but also habitual.

The myth that multi-tasking correlated to productivity could be linked to the fact that people received an emotional boost when multi-tasking, found researchers.

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