Lemonade to target ‘underserved’ customers

Lemonade to target ‘underserved’ customers | Insurance Business

Lemonade to target ‘underserved’ customers
Lemonade, the insurance disruptor which could dramatically impact the insurance industry, has revealed which customers they will target as they mull international expansion.

Daniel Schreiber, CEO and co-founder at Lemonade, told Insurance Business that while “many consumers are happy with the service provided,” by brokers Lemonade will look at customers that want self-service and simpler processes.

“Many feel underserved - insurance has been a frustrating and bureaucratic process that involves paperwork and hassle,” Schreiber said.

Lemonade is for those consumers, who want to self-serve, and get an instant, delightful, and transparent experience.”

Schreiber revealed more on how the business will work as the company will look to utilise a pair of chatbots, named Maya and Jim, to increase the speed of the offering. Customers will be able to purchase a policy in 90 seconds, Schreiber revealed, with “most claims paid in seconds.”

The use of bots will see the business digitalise the entire insurance process from placement to claims and will help reduce costs for consumers. The first two policies, renters and homeowners insurance, offered by the firm come in two-to four-and-a-half times below what incumbents charge in the US market.

Schreiber said that changing customer attitudes to the insurance industry will be key for the business as the unique annual ‘giveback,’ which will see unclaimed premiums given to a charity of the customer’s choice, will help customer trust of the industry.

“We're taking on a sector that has indifferent and skeptical consumers, so our challenge is actually showing them that insurance can be a simple, fast, and delightful experience that also has a social impact element,” Schreiber said.

“We're trying to address that by aligning interests, and remove the inherent conflict that plagues the industry today.”

While Lemonade is focused on success in the New York market, where it launched last week, Schrieber stressed that the business will be looking to spread its wings in the future.

“We'd like to roll out nationwide, and perhaps internationally as well, but we're focused for now on New York,” Schreiber continued.

“In terms of product- we're keen on staying within the P&C space.”

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  • MW 2016-09-30 5:05:39 AM
    Those old enough would perhaps remember "Waltons Insurance (Dept Store)that offered perhaps the first Pay by the Month Insurance- The whole lot went "belly-up". Then there was Lion on the Line- advertised by the Late Tony Grieg (Cricketer with an Insurance background) advertised as "GET THE LION ON THE LINE". Also did not last long. Lemonade? Well anyone that wants to use them would not be a client a Broker would want anyway as they would know better than an Insurance Broker so like talking to a brick wall to these types of potential clients. Hope they fill in their claim forms accurately! No threat to any Professional Insurance Broker. See if we hear of them in 1-2 years! Martin
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  • Peter 2016-10-01 7:02:43 AM
    " would not be a client a Broker would want anyway " "No threat to any Professional Insurance Broker." All in all just another brick in the wall :)
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