Loss adjuster creates voluntary redundancy program

Loss adjuster creates voluntary redundancy program

Loss adjuster creates voluntary redundancy program Loss adjuster Cerno yesterday informed staff that it will implement a restructuring program in a number of staff roles that will include redeployment to new roles and voluntary redundancy.

This is part of the company’s transformation program, including the second phase, which is the creation of claim processing and support hubs through its Nexus program. Managing director Tony Button said that some staff will be redeployed to the Nexus program, but there will “unavoidably be excess capacity in parts of the network”.

“This morning we have discussed with our staff a program of restructure in a number of staff roles that will begin immediately, and will include both redeployment to new roles and a program of voluntary redundancy,” he said.

“This is not something we have entered into lightly, but we firmly believe we need to make some tough choices to make the transformation program a success.”

Don MacKenzie, who has been appointed as Cerno’s acting chief operations officer to see through the company’s current transformation program said: “A number of clients have already been introduced to the Nexus program and have seen some significant improvements.

“The implementation of the Nexus program and changes in our client base provides the opportunity to realign a number of roles and responsibilities to ensure they are utilised where they add maximum value to both the client and customer,” he said.

“The aim is to simplify and match the most appropriate skills, processes and resources to every claim, no matter how small or how complex.”

Mackenzie will be acting COO on an interim basis. A full time COO will be appointed in due course. Recently, Cerno implemented a new IT system called AcClaim – the first of three milestones in a drive to deliver reduced indemnity spend and claims life.
  • Jak 25/02/2014 10:22:17 AM
    ..yet another script from 'Yes Minister' !

    Multiple redundancies in 2013; at least forty in 2013 plus resignations from senior staff too numerous to mention across Cerno's Australian network, and now this.
    One can only wonder what will be revealed when the interim feeing regime, which has been in place since at least 2012, is exposed to some forensic examinations by share holders and bankers alike.
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  • Simon 25/02/2014 4:47:48 PM
    Very worrying when builders try to become Loss Adjusters. No doubt a builders model will be the only option for services for what small clients Cerno have left. Bad plan, flawed model and too much arrogant behaviour by their new partners.
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  • Amazed! 25/02/2014 4:54:28 PM
    "Not entered into lightly"
    No, but being dumped by QBE, possibly one of Cerno's major clients, would have helped that decision.
    I suppose losing key clients and market share helps a business transform
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