Loss adjuster makes ASX debut

Loss adjuster makes ASX debut

Loss adjuster makes ASX debut Loss adjusting company Stream listed on the ASX on Friday (11 April), opening and closing at $0.240.

Around 39,514 securities were traded on and off the market. The market capitalisation was $35,926,947.

Managing director Don McKenzie said: “Listing on the ASX has been part of our plans for some time and it’s extremely satisfying to see it finally come to fruition.

“Becoming a publicly listed company provides additional security for our clients, allows us to continue to look to acquire assets that add to the value of the group, as well as being a fantastic way to attract and retain high quality people.”

McKenzie said Stream’s public listing also provided a significant boost for its partnership with Cerno.

“As the largest single Cerno shareholder, Stream’s listing also adds significant financial strength to the Stream-Cerno partnership,” McKenzie said.

The company will use the proceeds of the offer for working capital and for the costs of the offer.