Loss adjuster responds to office closure concerns

Loss adjuster responds to office closure concerns | Insurance Business

Loss adjuster responds to office closure concerns
Cerno has responded to concerns that some of its offices are being closed down; stating that up to 30% of locations will be transitioned to a “mobile service model”.

Earlier this week Cerno released a statement explaining that it will be redeploying staff and introducing voluntary redundancies as part of its transformation plan.

An industry source suggested the plan would result in Cerno's Wollongong and Albury offices closing down, and suggested more would be closed. The source also accused Cerno of not having enough funds to issue redundant staff with severance packages, and added that some staff would receive neither an offer of work nor a redundancy package.

Cerno has refuted these claims: managing director Tony Button said of the voluntary redundancy program: “The voluntary redundancy program announced by Cerno yesterday is fully funded and any suggestion to the contrary is incorrect.

“As the program is still underway it is not possible to provide any further details at this time.”

Addressing concerns about Cerno offices, Button said: “Cerno’s Albury operation moved from having a fixed, physical presence several months ago to being serviced by a flexible mobile workforce. The field adjusters who previously serviced the Albury area still service that area and Cerno’s network coverage has not changed.

“As part of Cerno’s transformation program between 20% and 30% of locations – including locations such as Wollongong – will transition to a mobile service model, a process that began six months ago. This provides increased flexibility both for our clients and Cerno staff. Assessors working remotely will periodically come in to central offices for the ongoing training and development that also forms part of the transformation process.

“The introduction of the AcClaim – and the move to a centralised support structure through the Nexus program – allows Cerno to provide the same service coverage it always has while eliminating unnecessary costs.”

He added: “Cerno remains completely committed to providing outstanding service to these areas and maintaining its significant regional presence throughout Australia.”