Major industry bodies band together to launch ‘unprecedented’ career survey

Major industry bodies band together to launch ‘unprecedented’ career survey | Insurance Business

Major industry bodies band together to launch ‘unprecedented’ career survey
The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance has teamed up with the ICA, NIBA and Zurich to launch an “unprecedented” national survey to identify trends in hiring, skills shortages and staff retention in insurance.

The Institute says this is the first time the knowledge, insights and experiences of human resources and management will be pooled for the common good of the industry.

The Careers in Insurance Survey, which opened yesterday, is directed at human resources executives and senior management. The insider knowledge of the respondents will provide a comprehensive overview of industry trends, practices and areas of concern.

The industry-wide initiative, spearheaded by the Institute and Daniel Fogarty, CEO of Zurich Insurance, is supported by the ICA and NIBA.

Institute CEO Prue Willsford said: “There has long been talk about the industry’s struggles attracting, developing and retaining staff. This is the first stage of an initiative that will help us to determine whether there really are areas related to working in insurance that need our attention. This survey is integral to finding out whether we have any weak spots and, if we do, will provide the platform for us working together to do something about them.”

ICA CEO Rob Whelan said the survey will provide key insights and help the industry better target career programs.

Human resources professionals and management-level staff working in insurance should have already received the Careers in Insurance Survey.

Those wishing to participate who do not receive it are invited to contact the Institute on (61 3) 9613 7280 or by emailing