Major insurer fleet data gives crash insights

Major insurer fleet data gives crash insights | Insurance Business

Major insurer fleet data gives crash insights
Vero has released a batch of statistics compiled using over five years worth of motor fleet claims in a bid to help brokers and clients identify their risks.

The latest data released by the insurer highlights a key fleet risk as we head into the winter months; animal collisions.

Richard Fenton, manager risk engineering at Vero, noted that the in depth study of claims data from motor fleets found that the winter months make for a risky time for drivers with key times of the day also identified.

“The data suggests there is a much higher risk of a vehicle colliding with an animal at times when the driver’s vision is less effective,” Fenton said.

“For example, the data showed that approximately 60 per cent of animal collisions occur at dawn (5am to 8am) and dusk (5pm to 9pm).

“There is also a higher incidence of animal collisions during the months with fewer daylight hours.

“Only 18 per cent of collisions occur during summer, compared to 23 per cent during autumn, 29 per cent during spring and 30 per cent during winter.

“Clearly, the risk increases during these periods because drivers are unable to react as quickly as they could in brighter conditions.”

The data can be used by brokers to aid their clients and help develop risk mitigation tools to ensure the safety of the fleet, Fenton said.

“Fleet operators can examine the risk profiles of particular routes using crash data and eliminate or minimise the use of routes that have frequent animal collisions.

“Furthermore, they can plan out each driver’s journey so they are not travelling through high-risk areas during the dawn and dusk periods.

“Insurers and brokers can partner with fleet customers to help them formulate a risk management plan.”

Fenton also stressed that there are other proactive measures which can be taken to ensure the safety of drivers during the dangerous months ahead.

“Vehicles can also be fitted with features such as bullbars or high-pitched animal warning systems like ‘Shuroo’. These can minimise driver injuries and vehicle damage, and even prevent a collision.”