Major insurer partners with strata body in new strategic venture

Major insurer partners with strata body in new strategic venture | Insurance Business

Major insurer partners with strata body in new strategic venture
Allianz has entered into a new strategic venture with Strata Community Insurance in a bid to expand its presence in the strata insurance market.

SCI will work with Allianz, its brokers, business partners and strategic managers to implement the initiative.

Allianz Australia national manager of underwriting agencies, Brett Williams said: “Allianz has a strategic desire to be well represented in this growing market segment and believes that Strata Community Insurance is the right partner to deliver both a comprehensive offering to the strata market and meet our overall strategic aims.

“Strata Community Insurance will work closely with Allianz, our current brokers, One Allianz partners and the strata managers in implementing this important strategic initiative.”

Collectively Strata Community Insurance founders have four decades of experience, developing products and writing this form of insurance business through a variety of distribution channels across six countries.
  • Scott 2014-08-21 3:54:37 AM
    Shouldn't that read, "Allianz have a strong desire to further attack Broker introduced Business by targeting Brokers clients directly and offer superior priced products to the direct market". - Side note, find the link on the Allianz website about how to locate a broker....
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  • I Agree 2014-08-21 4:51:21 AM
    Good point Scott. After scouring the Allianz site I found tucked up in a corner of the most inconspicuous page on the whole Allianz website a brief description of what an insurance broker does. The very first paragraph makes comment about it being easier to simply deal with Allianz direct!!! Couldn't agree with you more, the insurers an their computer systems are slowly trying to strangle brokers out of the picture.
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  • Ani 2014-08-21 5:18:10 AM
    I will do it!
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