Meet 2023’s Top Insurance Employers in Australia and New Zealand

Which insurance companies are leading the way in employee satisfaction this year? Find out in this report

Meet 2023’s Top Insurance Employers in Australia and New Zealand

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Creating a supportive work environment with trust and transparency is crucial to continually improving employee experience and satisfaction. Insurance Business’s Top Insurance Employers 2023 recognises the outstanding insurance workplaces in Australia and New Zealand.  

This year’s awardees have set themselves apart through their competitive remuneration packages, strong employee value propositions, and attractive benefits.   

NZbrokers is an exemplary insurance company committed to embracing flexible and mixed location, maintaining an open, inclusive office, and making work rewarding by empowering brokers. NZbrokers CEO Jo Mason revealed the strategy she adopted to tackle difficulties around employee compensation. “By being as flexible as possible with our team, respecting their private lives and the stresses and demands of these, and being kind when required have helped,” she said.  

Wayne Tower, CEO of IQumulate Premium Funding, faces different challenges, and compensation isn’t one of them. “We have, for a long time, had a well-understood and transparent remuneration and incentive scheme,” Tower said.  

Among the best insurance companies to work for this year are:   

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