MetLife offers new employee benefits

Study identified crucial factor for employee engagement

MetLife offers new employee benefits

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By Roxanne Libatique

MetLife Australia (MetLife) has rolled out several new employee benefits to enhance workplace inclusivity.

This development follows collaborative efforts with the company’s DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Committee, inputs from Diversity Council Australia, and insights gained from the MetLife Employee Benefits Trends Study.

MetLife’s new employee benefits

MetLife, recognised as an inclusive employer by Diversity Council Australia for 2023-24, has unveiled three leave categories to meet the evolving needs of its workforce:

  • menopause leave (up to 10 days);
  • fertility leave (up to 5 days); and
  • gender affirmation leave (extending to 4 weeks).

The company also has strategies to assist employees as they reintegrate into the workplace, as well as plans to incrementally expand its paid parental leave offering to 16 weeks in 2024, with a further increase to 18 weeks slated for 2025.

Crucial factor for employee engagement

This suite of benefits comes on the back of MetLife’s Employee Benefits Trends Study, which identified paid leave as a crucial factor for employee engagement. The initiative aims to cater to the specific needs of MetLife’s diverse employee base, emphasising the significant role of mental and physical wellbeing in the professional setting.

Alex Sosnov, head of people & culture at MetLife, noted the importance of recognising and supporting the unique needs and contributions of employees.

“Employee care must include initiatives that recognise our people make valuable contributions and also have unique needs,” she said. “These employee benefits recognise this and are tangible ways to enable our people to achieve their professional and personal goals. We know this helps us create a more inclusive workplace while also retaining and attracting the best people who will help us achieve our business goals.”

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