Mozo’s 2024 People’s Choice Awards spotlight Australians’ favourite insurance providers

Winners are based on feedback from over 4,000 policyholders

Mozo’s 2024 People’s Choice Awards spotlight Australians’ favourite insurance providers

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By Roxanne Libatique

Financial comparison site has announced the winners of its 2024 Mozo People’s Choice Awards for insurance.

Celebrating its 15th year, the Mozo People’s Choice Awards recognises standout customer service within the insurance industry, focusing solely on consumer votes and without considering the commercial performance of products or the insurers.

The awards showcase the insurance brands that lead in customer preference across several categories, including health, travel, car, home, and pet insurance.

The finalised list of winners is based on the results of a comprehensive survey that gathered feedback from 4,028 policyholders across Australia.

Importance of consumer feedback in the insurance industry

AJ Duncanson, a Mozo People’s Choice Awards judge, emphasised the significance of consumer feedback in shaping the awards.

“The Mozo People's Choice Awards champion the voices of consumers, and let Australians have their say about which providers are genuinely meeting their expectations,” he said.

Survey results pinpointed a few insurers who distinguished themselves by securing positions in the top 10%, based on consumer votes.

“The awards were created to reward trusted providers offering outstanding customer satisfaction and an excellent claims experience across a number of different insurance products,” Duncanson said. “Each year, the Mozo People’s Choice Awards winners list shines a light on the Australian insurance industry, highlighting the pet, health, home, car, and travel insurance brands that consumers love and trust the most.”

Australian consumers’ favourite insurance brands

Among the 2024 winners, Apia and RAA were recognised in both the car and home insurance categories, while Australia Post garnered significant favourability in travel insurance.

In pet insurance, Coles and Pet Insurance Australia stood out, receiving multiple accolades. Within the realm of health insurance, CBHS and Teachers Health were frequently lauded across several categories.

“As the winners were determined solely by the votes of customers, the awards truly represent the preferences of Australian consumers and highlight the brands Australians love and trust in 2024,” Duncanson said.

Below are the key winners from the 2024 Mozo People’s Choice Awards across different categories:

Car insurance

  • Outstanding Customer Satisfaction: Apia, Commonwealth Bank, RAA, RAC, RACQ, and Shannons
  • Excellent Claims Experience: ANZ, Everyday Insurance from Woolworths, RACQ, and Youi
  • Most Recommended: Apia, RAA, and Shannons

Home insurance

  • Outstanding Customer Satisfaction: Apia, RAA, RAC, RACQ, RACV, and Youi
  • Excellent Claims Experience: RAA, RAC, RACQ, and Youi
  • Most Recommended: Apia, RAA, RAC, RACV, and Youi

Pet insurance

  • Outstanding Customer Satisfaction: Coles
  • Excellent Claims Experience: Pet Insurance Australia and RSPCA
  • Most Recommended: Coles and Pet Insurance Australia

Travel insurance

  • Outstanding Customer Satisfaction: Australia Post and InsureandGo
  • Excellent Claims Experience: Australia Post
  • Most Recommended: Australia Post, Commonwealth Bank, and Medibank

Private health insurance

  • Outstanding Customer Satisfaction: AAMI, CBHS, and Teachers Health
  • Excellent Claims Experience: CBHS and Teachers Health
  • Value for Money: AIA
  • Most Recommended: CBHS and Teachers Health

“Congratulations to all insurance providers awarded in the 15th annual Mozo People’s Choice Awards, and thanks to all the Australians who shared their valuable insights into which insurance providers are exceeding customer expectations in such a competitive market,” Duncanson said.

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