NDIS to create jobs, allow more control

NDIS to create jobs, allow more control | Insurance Business

NDIS to create jobs, allow more control
Some 250 jobs could be up for grabs in Lockyer Valley when the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) takes effect from July 1, next year, reported Gatton Star.

Robert Evelyn, general manager of disability services provider Anuha, urged those who are seeking a career in this “new” industry to act now.

“We have just under 12 months of the transition,” Evelyn told Gatton Star.

“People with a disability will transition to a system where they are more in control, where they can decide what type of service they need, and when they receive it and how,” he said. Evelyn explained that currently, it is the government that makes all these decisions.

The NDIS arrival is “probably the largest change in social fabric since Medicare was introduced,” said Evelyn.

“It’s all about choice, empowering people with a disability.”

According to the Gatton Star report, Anuha and Evelyn find the excitement over the new service provision on such a large scale intoxicating and the logistics scary.

“Our biggest problem is not knowing how many people are eligible for NDIS funding and what types of support they will need,” said Evelyn, quoting that statistically, there are 1100 to 1200 people in the Lockyer Valley region who are currently receiving some kind of disability funding.

“We are a small organisation currently supporting 50 people, we are not in a position to support 1100 people right now,” he explained.

Evelyn said Anuha would need another 250 staff, urging for “anyone vaguely interested in working in disability” to act now.

He also advised disabled persons and their carers to start considering what they would need from NDIS, and “not base it on what they currently expect.

“Those with a disability and their families need to start thinking and planning now for what they think they will need to make the process easier at an interview, and not miss out,” said Evelyn.

“It’s important to think beyond what on offer now.”

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