New survey names top gender diversity industries

New survey names top gender diversity industries | Insurance Business

New survey names top gender diversity industries
A new survey compiled by recruitment firm Hays, has revealed the best avenues for employment from a gender diversity perspective.

Over 6,000 people were surveyed across Australia and found that 37% of those in the financial services sector, including insurance, believe the industry gives all a fair go.

The public and not-for-profit sector came out on top with 50% of its employees stressing the balance and equality in their industry.

Just under half of all respondents, 49%, noted that their work place does not have a gender diversity policy in place as 36% of those in the financial services sector noted that they have a current gender diversity policy.

19% of those surveyed noted that even when a company does have a gender diversity policy, it is not adhered to.

Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, noted that the survey gives employers an opportunity to check on competitors while ensuring they have the best people in each role.

“Employers should take notice of the gender diversity leaders in their industry because there are real benefits to be gained from ensuring your female talent is free from inequality and can progress equally to their male counterparts.

“Of course their own career benefits, but the organisations they work for also benefit from having the best person in the best job – regardless of gender – and retaining them by rewarding both genders equally.”