Nigel Fitzgerald is Steadfast’s next leader

But Kelly is committed until the end of 2026

Nigel Fitzgerald is Steadfast’s next leader

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By Daniel Wood

Robert Kelly has indicated that his firm’s chief operating officer, Nigel Fitzgerald (pictured above), will succeed him as CEO. At this morning’s Investor Day presentation, Steadfast Group’s veteran leader said he will continue to lead Australasia’s largest general insurance broking network until December 2025.

However, without directly stating it, he pointed to Fitzgerald taking on the CEO role when he steps down.

“Nigel really came through,” he said. “I said I would never resign before the 31st of December 2025 and that I have to give a year’s notice.”

Kelly said he is also “committed” to his firm until the end of 2026.

“So then that'll make you all say to yourselves, ‘Well, does that mean that you're going to block Nigel and if you're going to be shoving one another out on the road?’” said Kelly.

The CEO said Fitzgerald can explain if he thinks that’s the case.

“It's certainly not the case,” said Kelly. “We're working very, very strongly in cohort to do what we've done to take this business, not to its next iteration but to make sure of that for the next 20 years.”

Samantha Hollman, CEO of International, said ISU Group, her firm’s recent acquisition, already generates US$6 billion in premium. She said Steadfast’s client trading platform is more advanced than existing US broker tech offerings that can only quote and bind.

Steadfast was co-founded by Kelly and established in 1996. The network provides services to broker businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, London and now the US.

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