NRMA wants "flawed" road rule scrapped

NRMA wants "flawed" road rule scrapped | Insurance Business

NRMA wants "flawed" road rule scrapped

NRMA and other stakeholders have called for a “flawed” road rule in NSW to be scrapped, saying it would “inevitably” result in deaths if not abolished.

The Slow Down, Move Over legislation took effect on Sept. 1 last year, requiring NSW motorists to drive at 40km/h to pass stationary police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances with flashing lights, in a bid to protect emergency workers.

Failure to comply leads to a $448 fine and the loss of three licence-demerit points.

Now, nearly six months into the controversial law’s 12-month trial, many who called for the rule to be implemented now want it scrapped, especially on motorways where the speed limit often exceeds 100km/hr. Many stakeholders fear that the rule could result in more accidents, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Peter Khoury, NRMA spokesperson, said the “flawed” law should be abolished; while Steve Pearce, president of the NSW Motorcycle Council, said deaths are “inevitable” if the controversial law isn’t changed.

“It defies the laws of physics to go from 110 (km/h) to 40 (km/hr) within a couple of metres,” Khoury told the publication. “They need to introduce sensible measures to keep people who work on the side of the road safe.”

For Tony King, president of the Police Association of NSW, a logical option was to follow a US model, where drivers slow down before moving into the next lane.

“We need to create space between vehicles and workers and we need motorists to slow down around emergency and roadside-assistance vehicles for the safety of everyone on the road,” King told The Daily Telegraph.