NTI issues research-based warning

NTI issues research-based warning | Insurance Business Australia

NTI issues research-based warning

“We’re asking all road users heading away for the school holidays to take their time, schedule in plenty of rest breaks and remember, if you’re feeling tired, the only cure for fatigue is sleep.”

That was the plea made by National Transport Insurance (NTI) chief executive Tony Clark as many Australians plan their first long drive in months amid the easing of travel restrictions and ahead of the school holiday period.

Urging motorists to take extra caution behind the wheel, Clark highlighted some of the findings of the Major Accident Investigation 2020 Report, which was produced by NTI’s National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTARC).

According to NTARC’s study, car drivers were at fault in 80% of deadly collisions between cars and trucks. 

“Almost half of fatal crashes involving a car and truck (48%) were head-on collisions from opposite directions,” added Clark. “Close to a third (29%) were T-bone crashes and 11% involved vehicles travelling in the same direction.”

The CEO went on to say: “Car drivers need to make sure they’re giving trucks plenty of time and space. Trucks take longer to break and slow down, so risky manoeuvres like pulling out in front of a heavy vehicle can be dangerous.”

In addition, Clark stressed the importance of sticking to the speed limit, avoiding distractions, wearing seatbelts, and never driving under the influence.