NZ churches demand free insurance

NZ churches demand free insurance

NZ churches demand free insurance

FAR OUT FRIDAY: The All Churches Bureau in New Zealand demands free earthquake insurance due to their registered charity status.

The Bureau claim some buildings on the proposed National Historic Landmarks list should get earthquake insurance for free.

"The reality is that many heritage buildings in New Zealand . . . do not have replacement earthquake insurance because such insurance is unaffordable," it said in its submission to Parliament's local government and environment select committee.

Full replacement insurance should be provided by the Earthquake Commission at no cost to the owners, it said.

Bureau member Ian Millard, QC, said the cost of earthquake insurance was the highest cost faced by churches and it was "just beyond them".

National MP Maggie Barry said the proposal was unrealistic.


  • Mat 1/02/2013 11:06:12 AM
    Irony at its best, churches asking for free insurance cover from acts of God
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  • Dean 1/02/2013 2:37:24 PM
    Now that's funny. If it's an act of God shouldn't insurer's be sending the damage bill to the church just like Billy Connelly!
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  • Dr Michael Gousmett PhD 2/02/2013 9:15:48 AM
    Land used solely or principally for religious worship is non-rateable under the Local Government(Rating) Act 2002.

    The latest data on the Charities Register reports that churches own land valued at nearly $2 billion and buildings of $3 billion.

    The churches have investments of $1.9 billion, therefore can hardly cry poverty.

    Exemptions from income tax granted to churches as registered charities, and rating privileges, place a burden on others, a fact that was acknowledged centuries ago in England. Maggie Barry MP also pointed out the burden that would be placed on taxpayers and ratepayers if the All Churches Bureau submission were to be successful.

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