Online course for fleet safety launched

Online course for fleet safety launched | Insurance Business

Online course for fleet safety launched
FleetRisk has launched an online course, called Driver Behaviour Data & Insurance, for teaching organisations, insurers, and brokers how data can be used to decrease driver risk, client risk, and claims experience in commercial motor fleets.

FleetRisk noted 2012 data from the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) which revealed that 46 per cent of injuries and fatalities in the Australian workplace involved motor vehicles.

Michael Graham, Fleetrisk co-founder, said that being able to implement a proactive risk management based on a better understanding of the implications of data and telematics will be advantageous for brokers and insurers.

“You have probably heard the predictions that telematics and 'big data' are going to have a major impact on how insurers and brokers do business. At FleetRisk, we agree. So we have done something about it,” Graham said in a statement.

Fleetrisk’s risk-management solution combines online assessments of cognitive skills and personality with Mercurien’s BetterDriver telematics platform. The combined data from the assessments will be used to develop objective and predictive analytic models that can be used to assess, identify, and develop driver skills and behaviours for safer use of motor vehicles in the workplace.

Duncan Ferguson, FleetRisk GM, said: “This online course makes the connection between proactive risk management, driver behaviour, and telematics. It will help brokers to stay out in front of this kind of risk management technology.

“We are looking to help brokers prepare for change, seize the proactive fleet risk management opportunity, and strengthen client relationships in the process.”

The course takes between 45 to 60 minutes to complete, and successful completion will credit learners with 1.5 CIP points from the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF). 

“Fleets we work with have been hugely successful in addressing safety concerns with significant drops in speeding and claims,” Graham said.

“We find that when drivers are given objective feedback they improve and this course is aimed at equipping a broker to have the initial conversation with their client - often they don’t even start due to an absence of familiarity with how to use data to help clients run a safer fleet with less claims and injury.”

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